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You will find our selection of fantastic wool here. All of our wool comes from a no-kill friendly fibre flock. You will notice a few familiar faces with all the walking flock appearing here as well as our lovely girls. Each wool purchase comes with a picture of the sheep it has come from as well as a little information about characteristics of the breed and the individual sheep the fleece has come from. All wool is raw and straight from the sheep. We will remove as much of the vegetable matter and skirt the fleece. Please see each sheep for details on the quality and any markings that may be on the fleece. Each fleece is individual and unique. 

Valais Blacknose

The wool is coarse.
Fibre diameter: approx. 38 microns.
Staple Length: 10cm+
Fleece weight: approx. 
Uses: felting, vegetarian rugs.

Aberhyddnant Organic Farm,





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