About Ouessant Sheep

The breed comes from the small island of that name, about 12 miles off the most westerly point of Brittany. These charming little sheep are claimed to be the smallest in the world, with the ram's shoulder height up to 48cm (a little over 18in) and the ewes up to 45cm. Comparable measurements for the smallest British breed, the primitive Soay are 51-61cm for rams and 49-54 for ewes.

We currently have two Ouessant weathers (castrated males), three Ouessant ewes and one Ouessant ram.

The two  weathers, Liquorice and Biscuit arrived with us in March 2018 and were as wild as can be, they are now confident little trekkers who are happy to lead the way! 

Our ewes will be expecting lambs in April 2019! Exciting times ahead!

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