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Adopt a Sheep - Jacob

Adopt a Sheep - Jacob



  • This adoption is perfect for those who want instant updates to their phone or computer. Which means you can adopt one of our fluffy sheep from anywhere in the world! As well as helping our lovely sheep and other animals you will also recieve:

    • A 12 month adoption.
    • Exclusive quarterly email from your chosen sheep. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
    • A beautiful digital map of the farm so you can see where the flock lives and where they move throughout the year.
    • A fact sheet all about the breed of your chosen sheep sent via email.
    • A getting to know you information sheet about your sheep. 
    • A photograph of your chosen sheep with a personalised dedication (please fill in the box when ordering).
    • Adoption certifcate.
    • A birthday message from your chosen sheep. (please include your birthday when ordering).

    THIS IS A DIGITAL ONLY PACKAGE- All information will be sent out via email and can be downloaded and printed at home. No physical media will be sent via post. All information will be sent to the email address supplied as the recipient. 

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