Meet the Flock!

Here you can find out about all of our wonderful Jacob sheep. All of our boys were born around January 2014. They are a lot like people they all have their likes and dislikes just like us. 

Who will be your favorite?


Jester is a very loving sheep, he honestly thinks he is a person and prefers human company to that of his fellow sheep.


Likes: Jester loves cuddles and kisses and his favourite thing is scratches on his back.


Dislikes: Jester doesn't like being left behind, he likes to be at the front of the group leading the way.


Jigsaw is a cheeky chappy, he can be a bit stuborn at times if he doesn't get his own way but he can normally be pursuaded with a bit of food.


Likes: Jigsaw LOVES food, he will do anything for a bit of food.


Dislikes: Being at the front, Jigsaw likes to be at the back and make sure everyone is together.


Jay is the baby of the group. He has always had the smallest horns and they never seem to grow. He began quite quiet but recently he has really started to come out of his shell.


Likes: Jay loves getting his own way and loves attention.

Unfortunately Jay passed away due to a field injury in August 2017.


Brenig is the quietest Jacob we have. He is very relaxed and takes everything in his stride.


Likes: Piece and quiet.


Dislikes: Brenig doesn't like noise and doesn't like to to do anything he doesn't know about.

Paint Pot

Paint Pot was one of the first to be named thanks to his dip dyed nose which looks like he's put it in a pot of black paint.


Likes: Paint pot likes kids and likes to show them around.


Dislikes: Paint pot doesn't like his back being touched.


Jagger is a little sweetheart. He sometimes likes to do what he wants so you have to be quite bossy to begin with.


Likes: Getting his own way.


Dislikes: Being told what to do.


Jett is the most recently trained Jacob. He is taking everything in his stride and is proving to be a great trekker.


Likes: Food and attention.


Dislikes: Scratches on his back. People walking where he can't see them.


Jem is a very quiet boy and can be scared easily, but he is becoming much more confident when out trekking.


Jasper is a lovely little boy who likes to go out for a trek and loves food. He can be a bit nervous of new people but he soon warms up when there is food involved.


Jack is a leader sheep, he walks with Nicola or Paul and finds new people a little bit scary. 


Jake LOVES food! The other love food but he really LOVES it! He will do anything for food and loves attention. He will be attached to your pocket.



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