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Wool and Fleece

You will find our selection of fantastic wool here. All of our wool comes from a no-kill friendly fibre flock. You will notice a few familiar faces with all the walking flock appearing here as well as our lovely girls. Each wool purchase comes with a picture of the sheep it has come from as well as a little information about characteristics of the breed and the individual sheep the fleece has come from. All wool is raw and straight from the sheep. We will remove as much of the vegetable matter and skirt the fleece. Please see each sheep for details on the quality and any markings that may be on the fleece. Each fleece is individual and unique. 

Organic Wool

We raise all our animals as 100% organic on our 200 acre hill farm in the Brecon Beacons. This means that the wool is not exposed to the concoction chemicals and pesticides that a sheep on a non-organic farm would be. This results in a quality fleece with limited stress breaks. 

Our Fibre Flock


Micron range: 28-38
Staple length: 10cm+
Whole fleece weight: 2.5-3kg
Characteristics: White, beautiful length and curls.

Valais Blacknose


Micron range:40-42
Staple length: 15-20cm
Whole fleece weight: 5-8kg
Characteristics: White, hair like, natural wave.

Greyface Dartmoor


Micron range: 32-34
Staple length: 8-10cm
Whole fleece weight:2.5-3kg
Characteristics: Coloured (white, grey, lilac, black, brown) Soft, slight crimp.



Micron range: 30-34
Staple length:8-10cm
Whole fleece weight:2.5-3kg
Characteristics: White, dense fleece. Slight crimp.



Micron range: 25
Staple length: 5-10cm
Whole fleece weight: 1kg
Characteristics: White or black, small fleece, double layered, hardy fleece.



Micron range:35+
Staple length: 5-15cm
Whole fleece weight: 1.5-2kg
Characteristics: A hardy fleece, double layered, mainly white

Welsh Mountain


We have a selection of cross breeds who produce fantastic fleeces!

Cross Breeds

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